Workshop Paper Submission

Submission Site:

Please note that you do NOT have to be one of the winning teams to submit a workshop paper. Our review will be based on your algorithmic innovation and the quality of the description. Each paper can be up to 8 pages, excluding references, with an additional 2 pages for references. Please use the LaTex/Word template from CVPR 2019. The final version, instead of the version for review, should be used, because the review process is not double-blind. For teams participating in multiple tracks, you are allowed to submit more than one paper, but the content of the papers should not have significant overlap, e.g., repeating the same description about algorithmic design used in Track 1 and Track 2. All the accepted papers will be officially published by CVF as CVPR 2019 workshop papers and will be freely accessible online and indexed by Google Scholar, ResearchGate, CNKI, etc.
Since we only have a short review period and there are only 24 hours for editing accepted papers for camera-ready submission, your submitted workshop papers are expected to be of high quality, ready for publication. We suggest you to start drafting the paper as early as possible, and leave only the experimental comparison by the challenge deadline. You could add your results when the final leaderboard is released after the challenge submission deadline. For Track 1 and Track 2, feel free to refer to the baseline performance in our CVPR paper on arXiv
We request all submissions to avoid using the term “surveillance” in their papers, as our data sets are mainly designed for the analysis and prediction of traffic flow for applications in smart cities. For surveillance-related papers, you are suggested to submit to AVSS’19